Choose ROinvesting
and generate income

ROinvesting is a vehicle

ROinvesting is a vehicle from just computer with internet to online business. It provides opportunity to invest and have income any time you want. To bring it into reality the broker accommodates you with wide range of profitable assets and handy platforms. 

The company has thousands of clients throughout the world, because it is reliable broker that put its clients first.

Credibility of the Broker

ROinvesting has developed the whole security system to keep traders’ funds and personal information in a safe place. The company collects and uses information only for the purpose of providing its services and fulfilling its obligations to comply with standards and other obligations in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Traders must deal with brokers

The broker is a tool to work on financial markets. Nowadays, when most of services went to online field, web trading platforms came to the fore. The broker is an official dealer between individual and Forex. 

The brokerage companies have power and resources to reach traders out to the Stock Exchange. Consequently, the broker is necessity for people who want to start trading.

The broker’s duties

In web financing, broker stand for online platform, where traders register and start their work.

Every broker has its different site and different functions. But there are some essential functions that all brokers perform:

To provide an opportunity to their clients to open trading accounts and submit bids for purchase / sale

To transfer clients funds to Stock Exchange and after successful deals, transfer it back to the account


To provide analytics and information support to conclude third-party contracts with analytical agencies

To render clients trade orders

To calculate reports and taxes correctly

Why is ROinvesting worth to choose?

The company represents large options how to trade and earn on the Stock Exchange. The broker represents solidity, professionalism, excellent service and progressivity. It works to be of the first rate and improves its service every day. 


Platform is about to make its traders better than yesterday. That is why, it arranges prosperous conditions on its platform. The broker prepared different types of trading platforms, trading assets and sure-handed customer support managers.

The privileges to be ROinvesting’s trader

ROinvesting takes heed of personal requirements of each trader, which has its trading styles, favorite trading products and platforms. It is also aware of clients have different experience and need special approach.


For that reason, company offers three types of account to trade. The broker also provides educational content, that is also very helpful feature. 

There are 3 types of trading accounts

Silver account


The Silver account type matches for newcomers.


To start with beneficial trading, ROinvesting gives 1:30 leverage.

Gold account


The Gold account fits for trader that have some experience and need additional tools to upgrade the results.


Here, the broker grants hedging option, leverage 1:30 for retail account, leverage 1: 400/500 for professional account, personal account manager, swap discount 25%.

Platinum account


The Platinum account was created for skilled trades.


This account is endowed with hedging option, leverage 1: 400/500 for professional account, personal account manager, 50% discount on swap, free Vps, custom investment updates.


ROinvesting relates to its clients attentively. The broker is aware that not all traders got positive experience or didn’t get it at all. It could happen for many reasons, but the main one is because most of the traders have lack of knowledge. But online trading platform is here to give lot of information and provide education.

Training materials

The broker has staff of highly professional specialists and analysts, which know how to trade profitably. They have developed educational program for traders that presented on the broker’s site. It includes wide range of VODs, e-books, training courses, learning guides, economic calendar and webinars.


ROinvesting opens the door for one with great ambitions to trade. It will meet you with vast choice of trading tools, platforms and brilliant customer support service. If you are ready to step up in the doors of opportunities, a leading broker is welcome to help you.              

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ROinvesting concerns about maintaining the security of its traders. The broker works according to the international law and national legislation in the field of security and confidentiality of data, funds, investments and transactions.

Yes, is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license No. 269/15. The broker is submitted to the regulations of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. 

Since you made sure that the broker is trustworthy and decided to open an account, you need to make some steps to do it.
  1. Register on the platform.
  2. Choose a type of account that fits you.
  3. Make a deposit to activate your account.
It is done! Your account is created. The process of its opening is easy and won’t take a lot of time.

ROinvesting is a broker. It is an intermediary between the financial market and the investor. The broker gives opportunity to trade and have access to the market.

Yes, company give opportunity to try a demo version that opens full access to all the functions. This account includes trading assets, trading history, graphs and so on.  

It is providing several trading platforms. It has WebTrader, MetaTrader 4 and mobile app for convenience and needs of every client.  Newcomers and masters will find the one which will fit perfectly to the level of their skills and deposits.

Yes, a leading broker has a team that is available five days a week during working hours. You can contact our managers via phone, mail, online chat. They are friendly and qualified enough and answer your questions gladly.